Fry Outside Storage, LLC

We store anything outside

Rates and Pricing

Below are prices for items commonly stored with us. An additional 7.25% sales tax applies to all rates below. A one-time administrative fee of $45.00 is added to all new accounts. New business customers are expected to pay the first and last month's rent up front; we have a two-month minimum. You are NOT a paying a deposit, you are paying first and last month's rent. We do NOT prorate and there are NO refunds when you vacate a space. Tenant MUST give 30-day written notification of move-out. If written notice is not received, tenant is responsible for that month's rent. We accept Visa, MasterCard, cash or check. Mini storage with climate control is also available. Please call or stop by for more information.

Monthly Rates

18 Wheeler (truck only): $95.00

18 Wheeler with Trailer: $200.00 and up

5th Wheel Trailer: $75.00 and up

Boats: $65.00 and up

Car, Truck, Van: $65.00

Dump Truck: $95.00

Lowboy Trailer with Truck: $120.00 and up

Recreational Vehicle (RV): $65.00 and up

Trailer: $65.00 and up